McKella Kinch
October 11, 2022

Elevating the Human Experience (and what that means for YOU!)

Elevating the Human Experience (and what that means for YOU!)

When you go to our site, the first thing you see is our vision: To Elevate the Human Experience.

When we say, “Elevate the Human Experience,” that includes everyone! Our customers, associates, shareholders, partners, future generations, etc. This applies to everyone. All humans. 

But what does elevating the human experience even mean? More importantly, what does that mean for YOU?

Let’s break it down… 

Our CEO, Rhett Roberts, defines elevating the human experience as the journey of creating a meaningful life that meets all our needs simultaneously, and of contributing to something larger than ourselves. 

(Emphasis on journey there, because we’ll never “arrive”. The idea is to keep moving toward that target and find meaning in the process.)

Here’s how fulfilling those needs might look:

We break our needs into four interrelated categories: Body, heart, mind, and spirit.


healthy people (or something)

Your body’s needs include your physical health, financial well-being, shelter, and sense of safety.

You can elevate your physical body with plenty of exercise, solid nutrition, and some quality R and R (this includes quality sleep!). This also enhances your physical capacity to contribute and do meaningful work because you’ll have more energy! 


Your heart’s needs involve your interconnectedness with other people and the health of your relationships.

You can elevate your heart by improving everyday interactions with others through openness, empathy, curiosity, vulnerability, synergy, and good old-fashioned service. This also means making a special effort to see yourself clearly, be your best self, see others clearly, and help them be their best selves.


Fulfilling your mind’s needs means developing your intellect, craft, wisdom, and self-awareness.

Elevating your mind might look like staying humble, curious, hungry for new information, and eager to expand your perspective through reading and reflection.


Your spiritual needs are your understanding and development of your unique contribution, the discovery of your purpose, and your connection to something larger than yourself.

To elevate your spirit, work on strengthening your commitment to your value system. Make time for things that inspire and uplift you to find direction and purpose in your life. This might look like connecting with a higher power, prayer, meditation, nature, great music or literature, etc.

Think about it: How many of YOUR needs are being met? 

 father and children

We might think we have to choose between needs. 

Do you want a job you love OR a job that pays well?

Do you want to spend time with your family OR have a successful career?

Do you have time for your hobbies OR your relationships?

All of these things meet various needs. And these “or’s” are false dichotomies. At Redmond, we don’t believe in trade-offs. We believe you can have it all.

You may struggle with this idea because a lot of us also grew up with the idea of NEEDS vs WANTS. We often call those things we need to survive (like food, water, shelter, and maybe even love and belonging) NEEDS while all the others things are considered WANTS. 

True, bodily needs are important. We won’t get far without our bodies, right? 

But if you truly want to thrive, ALL of your needs, including those of your heart, mind, and spirit, must be met. 

What’s more, all of those needs are interrelated. After all, you can’t be truly healthy if your mental health is in the tank. You can’t be spiritually fulfilled if you’re constantly worried about where your next meal is coming from. (Unless you’re a monk, maybe, but we’re talking about the rest of us here.)

Every area of your life affects other areas. It’s all linked. If you want to feel truly fulfilled, you have to come at it holistically.

Easier said than done, right? All that is great, but how do you actually DO this? How do you start creating a meaningful life that meets all your needs, body, heart, mind, and spirit?

Everything we do, as humans, stems from our mindset. So we start there.

It sounds cheesy, but the very first step to having it all is believing it’s possible. You can’t achieve something if you don't think it exists, right?

It’s possible to enjoy your work, meet your financial needs, have a great family life, enjoy your hobbies, AND be passionate about your contribution to the world.

People happy at work

Believe it. It's possible. We’ve seen it. 

This journey of elevating your human experience is about continuously learning and getting to know yourself alongside others on the same journey, who can see you clearly and reflect that back to you.  We see this as a continuous unfolding and developing of your story. Isn’t that cool? It's kind of like a quest you're on for your whole life! 

And when we do this together, we get to be a part of other people’s unfolding as they’re a part of ours.

And we want to be part of yours!

Whether you’re a Redmond associate, a friend or family of an associate, or if you just stumbled across our site or social media by chance, we’re here to help you elevate your human experience through paradigm-shifting content. 

Come, let’s explore together.