Our Brands

More than fifty years ago, Redmond started in the agriculture industry before expanding, first into other salt products, and eventually into other industries completely. Health food stores and vinyl fencing may seem to have little in common, but each Redmond brand is alike in that it adds something unique in its marketplace. We are uninspired by the prospect of simply making money — we pursue brands that allow us to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Redmond Life

From Real Salt® to Re-Lyte® to Earthpaste®, we create natural products for every moment in your day and everybody in your family.

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Redmond Heritage Farms

Redmond Heritage Farms was born out of a need and desire to assist others seeking optimal health

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Ice Slicer

Ice Slicer offers eco-friendly deicers for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Our products work quickly and outlast others. The residential line is safe for families and plants, while the industrial line is 20% less corrosive than salt, preventing stains.

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Redmond Agriculture

We understand that when your animals feel good, you feel good. That is why our products are always natural and effective.

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Redmond Equine

Natural, effective products that let you and your horse focus on what you love.

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Best Vinyl

Whether you’re looking for a fence, deck, gazebo, or other designs to define your space, Best Vinyl provides the best vinyl products for any project.

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Redmond Hunt

Redmond Hunt creates all natural mineral supplement to provide deer with the electrolytes and trace minerals they need for optimum health.

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Valley Wide Fence and Deck

Whether you’re looking for a vinyl fence, deck, gazebo, or other designs to define your space, Valleywide provides the best vinyl products in Colorado.

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Pybus Point Lodge

At Pybus Point Lodge you can experience it all in spacious boats, on calm water, from beautiful new rooms, with gourmet meals and friendly staff looking for every opportunity to make your trip absolutely unforgettable.

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Western Clay

Western Clay Company has been supplying the highest quality and purity minerals to industry and agriculture since 1925. Our products utilize the unique properties of Sodium Bentonite for a wide verity of industrial and commercial applications in dozens of industries worldwide.

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Be You!

Redmond, Inc. is best known for brands like Real Salt, Trophy Rock, and Best Vinyl Fence & Deck. We’re proud of each of our brands and the products they help create, but Redmond isn’t a salt company or a vinyl company, or even a holding company. Ultimately, Redmond is a people company.