McKella Kinch
December 6, 2022

Passion for Contribution: The Secret Sauce for a Meaningful Life

Passion for Contribution: The Secret Sauce for a Meaningful Life

One of our foundational beliefs at Redmond is that we all want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We want to make things, fix things, and be helpful. We want to feel passionate about something and feel like what we do matters in the world because this is a big part of what makes life meaningful.

Webster defines Passion as, “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” 

Although Webster is on the right track, at Redmond we know that there is much more to passion than that. 

We all have passions, but a passion for contribution is key. 

How This Elevates the Human Experience

Passion for being helpful

Part of your journey at Redmond is harnessing your passions and discovering where you make your greatest contributions. It’s not uncommon for roles to shift and evolve around here as people learn, grow, and find new areas where they’re able to be helpful.

In the end, you won’t feel like what you do is truly meaningful unless you’re driven by the motivation to make the world a better place, and to serve others in a way that’s uniquely suited to your talents and abilities. This means that meaningful work and contribution will look different for everyone, and you get to find what works for you.

That’s where the real magic happens.

So, why is this the first of our 5 core values?

Passion for contribution is a huge part of our mission to elevate the human experience because it helps people be their best selves and make their highest contributions. It drives us to discover our unique gifts and what brings us joy, and to contribute in those areas.  

And because we’re naturally talented at those things, this is where we make our greatest contributions anyway!

And finally, passion just feels good. It makes life feel exciting and meaningful and gives us something to get out of bed for. This is a huge part of elevating the human experience.

What Passion For Contribution Looks Like In Real Life

working together


We like to use these 6 statements to gauge how passionate we are about our contributions. 

If these statements feel true to you, you’re probably very passionate! If not, you may want to work on discovering what you enjoy, what you’re wired for, and where you can make your best contribution.


#1: I truly feel that my work elevates the human experience.

This is the ‘why’ behind what you do. 

Everything you do at home and at work should be to Elevate the Human Experience, aka improve your life and the lives of people around you. If this is missing from your life, it will be difficult—if not impossible—to develop lasting passion because you won’t feel like your work matters.


#2: I’m motivated by how I can contribute, not what I can receive.

When it comes to work and home life, are you focused more on what you get, or what you give? 

Passion must go beyond yourself. You must be driven by how you can contribute to your family, friends, work, community, and the world, not just what they can do for you. This will not only elevate your human experience, but also the experience of everyone around you!  


#3: I’m willful for a cause that’s bigger than myself.

Being willful is often misunderstood. To be willful means that you really care what you’re contributing to and that you’ll go to bat for the cause and do whatever it takes to help it reach its full potential.

It means you have the courage to stand up for what you believe is right, but you do so in a way that’s considerate and helpful to others.

Being willful for the cause also means that occasionally, there are tasks that need to get done, but that you might not love to do. 


#4: I’m actively engaged in learning how to be a better team player. 

When everyone is actively engaged in becoming a better team player, the power of synergy multiplies. Synergy means that something is stronger than the sum of its individual parts, like the multiplication of efforts. We’re always striving for synergy because that’s what allows us to create big things together, but it’s only possible if everyone is striving to become a better team player. 


#5: I’m in love with the process, not just the results. 

A love for practice means that the process is just as enjoyable to you as the outcome. You aren’t just in it for the glamorous payoff.

 You appreciate the fundamentals (like playing piano scales) and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

 Consistency and intensity both play a role here as well. To develop a love for the process, it’s important to develop an effective blend of both, because they keep you motivated and interested. They also provide momentum, which is like rocket fuel for passion. 


#6: I live my life in crescendo—my best is still ahead of me!

Living life in crescendo


The phrase “living life in crescendo” comes from Steven R. Covey’s work, and it means building up passion and momentum over time instead of declining as you get older.

It might feel counterintuitive in our culture, but we can truly believe that our greatest work and learning are always ahead of us. We can always stay curious and have more questions than answers. We must always question the status quo and develop excitement, enthusiasm, and love for life that only builds over time. 

 We can embrace the fact that we’re never finished, we’ll never arrive, and we’ll never completely reach our FULL potential. But you love the process so much that this is irrelevant. It’s all about the journey.


Where do you have passion in your life? Where do you enjoy contributing the most?

Which of these statements ring true for you, and which might not resonate yet?